The Charter School Novellas

We're listening!



Happy Summer, everyone! Families and educators who participated in WA FAB fall and winter group Listening Sessions received a community check-in survey in April (more on that in a later post). Now, it's time to listen to our schools!


This means...

  • if you're on a charter school board and you've seen us at one of your board meetings, or
  • if you work for a charter school that partnered with us for the state's first Charter School Fair, or
  • if you're part of the leadership team or community engagement team at a charter school we visited this past school year...

you've either heard from us already this month or you will soon for our end-of-school-year check-in and reflection!


If you work or volunteer at a Washington State charter public school and you're not on our list, we still want to hear your thoughts on the 2021-2022 school year. Feel free to send an email to or fill out this survey.

WA FAB firmly believes that true service and progress only come through listening to the community and carving out regular time for self-reflection and planning for action. We seek to learn from all of our Washington charter families, staff members, educators, school leaders, and directors.